This week's Streaming Session Of The Week is in honor of Machine Head. Though we can't play any of their recently completed SUPERCHARGER LP just yet, we can throw out a couple tracks you most likely have yet to hear. The two tracks we are speaking of are a couple b-sides from The Burning Red recordings. Two tracks, short and sweet, weighing in at 5 minutes and 54 seconds in total. The first track is called "Alcoholocaust". And as told by Roadrunner's VP of A&R Monte, "it rules." The second track is titled "House Of Suffering"...Sound familiar? is actually a cover from the legendary band Bad Brains. Enjoy this listen into the past from The Burning Red recording sessions, for the next time Machine Head music is put on this site, it will be brand new killer material from their upcoming SUPERCHARGER release. The Burning Red b-sides streaming session can be found in our MUSIC section.