Yep, a day late on this week's session, had to do a bit more research on the piece...For this week's Streaming Session Of The Week, we present to you the 1997 import only release of Fear Factory's single "BURN". As told by our VP of A&R Monte Conner, this single "should almost be called Remanufacture Jr....(these are) out-takes from Remanufacture - we had so many tracks we had to cut a bunch." As any well versed Fear Factory fan should know, Remanufacture was actually a remixed version of their 1995 release Demanufacture. Four songs make up this BURN single - the title track "Burn" (off Remanufacture, which is actually a remix of the track "Flashpoint" off Demanufacture), plus 3 other tracks which never made it on to the final Remanufacture release. The other three tracks are as follows - "Cyberdyne" and "Refueled" (both remixes of "H-K(Hunter-Killer)", which along with "Burn" were remixed by Junkie XL), and "Transgenic" (a remix of "New Breed"). "Transgenic" is a 'gabber style mix' done by the band Technohead. As Monte describes this piece, it is "very, very rare and no longer available." We hope you enjoy what you are about to hear...for a picture of the artwork from this Burn release, click get to the music, click HERE. , we leave you with some last words, as taken from the packaging off Remanufacture: Technology has turned reality into a paradox. Forms are not always as they seem. The struggle for non conformity has become more complicated. Technology has learned to duplicate, rebuild, and remanufacture reality and humanity. The ability to take a template and replicate it is not a fantasy anymore, it is a threat. The struggle against conformity has become a comprehensive investigation into technology that works against the principle of individuality and non conformity: CLONING TECHNOLOGY. Humanity has become a relative term in the search for truth: A search for clues. A search for variables in life and mutation in a genus. One will find that each form has been specifically designed for the business of survival. Each track presented is a remanufactured by-product of its original predecessor. Each designed for a specific function in the investigation of truth, and struggle for a non conformist world. Fear Factory is currently on tour in the U.S. headlining their Evolution Of Revolution tour in support of their latest release DIGIMORTAL.