Coal Chamber. First, let's talk present day - the recording of their upcoming lp to be titled Dark Days is quickly nearing completion. Drums and bass are done. After today (08/29) all guitar will be complete. And Dez tells he has about four days of vocals left. All in all, they should be finished in the studio by Thursday next week (09/06). Now, onto this week's Streaming Session Of The Week. Actually, we have a pretty rare piece for you this time. The year is 1999. Coal Chamber is releasing their sophomore effort, Chamber Music. As a promotion, a bonus cd was made and tagged onto the first 11,000 copies of Chamber Music sold at Best Buy. Did you get one of these bonus discs? Odds are no, as only 11,000 were pressed. This three song promo cd breaks down as follows: 1 - "Big Truck" ('97 Remix) - "Big Truck" originally appeared on the Coal Chamber debut. This remix was done as a radio mix. However, this radio mix was not was not watered down fact, quite the opposite - it is still totally heavy. CC's A&R Rep tells "though a radio mix, if anything it is cooler, clearer sounding, and heavier than the original." 2 - "Sway" (Hypno-Submissive Mix) - "Sway" originally appeared on the Coal Chamber debut. This too was a radio mix, however this is more true to form of what a radio mix is intended to be. Attempting to tone down the heaviness of the chorus, because radio would never play it, a couple cats by the name of Jay Gordon and Ryan Schuck re-did the chorus. (note - Jay and Ryan later went on to form and become the band Orgy) 3 - "Blisters" - "Blisters" originally appeared nowhere else. Actually, this track was recorded exclusively for the "Bride Of Chucky" soundtrack, and to this day cannot be found anywhere else except for on that soundtrack. The previous 2 tracks ended up being released on the Euro digi version release of Coal Chamber (but of course! you probably could have guessed). One last tidbit of little known information on this piece. This bonus promo cd, which came in a clear jewel case shrink wrapped to Chamber Music, made us go through a bit of a fire drill. See, when we received the samples from the plant, they attached the bonus cd in such a way that the label was facing in and the clear silver side that is played on your cd player was facing out. All 11,000 cd's had to be recalled, sent back to the plant, manually opened and flipped so that the side with the writing was facing out. Then shrink wrapped once again, and sent out at top speed to make the release date. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it... And now that you know so much about this piece (of history), it's time to listen. Check it out in our MUSIC section.