Slipknot is currently on tour here in the US in support of their latest release IOWA (search the TOUR section for details). Anyway, the Streaming Session Of The Week usually comes to us in the form of rare music which was tagged onto European single releases. This week's session is no different. In our MUSIC section you will now find a stream of the track "(SIC)" from Slipknot, as it appeared on the European release of the Wait And Bleed single. This track has been dubbed the 'Molt-Injected Mix', as done by Ulrich Wild. Simply stated, it is a more metal sounding mix of the song. VP of A&R Monte Conner sums this mix up in two words - "super crunching". Check it out... In other Slipknot news, and quite fitting since we are talking about European singles, there will be a Left Behind commercial single release later this month abroad. The contents of this single are as follows: 1. Left Behind 2. Liberate (live) 3. Surfacing (live) Also contains "Left Behind" video (Director's Cut) both live tracks were recorded July 30, 2000 at Tattoo The Earth, Phoenix Plaza, Pontiac, MI ALSO, there will be a 7" vinyl release of Left Behind. 2 tracks - "Left Behind" and "Liberate" (live). Speaking of vinyl, you should know by now there is a double 12" version of IOWA available here in the states. We gave 5 away on our site a bit earlier (hopefully one of the winners will send us a pic...hint, hint, hint...). Well, someone emailed us yesterday asking where they could find it. As told before, if you can't find it at your usual shopping spot, ask the cat working at the store to order it for ya...they should be able to accommodate such a request. This is a gorgeous piece...well worth it even if you DON'T have a record player. Seriously. Oh, and more Slipknot news to come soon. Keep checking back... IOWA (cd and vinyl) in stores now