For this segment of the Streaming Session Of The Week, we bring you something very rare, that it would probably be fair to say you have never heard it before - Sepultura "The Waste". Ring a bell? "The Waste" was spawned from the instrumental "Kamaitachi" off Sepultura's 1998 release Against. Turning "Kamaitachi" into "The Waste" involved bringing in 'the man' Mike Patton (frontman for Faith No More, Mr Bungle, and currently Peeping Tom). The lyrics you now hear on this track were not only performed by Patton, but written by him as well. Now confess, did you even know that Mike Patton and Sepultura collaborated on a track in the past? Of course, the only place you could have heard this in the past was on the 1998 Against European single release. Enjoy. interesting fact - before being dubbed "The Waste", once Patton added the vocals, this track was originally to be called "Diary Of A Drug Fiend". However, the Kodo drummers who played on the track had objections to that title, and "The Waste" was born. Lyrics are as follows: The Waste what you want is what you need Then what you need is really what you wanted Wasted And I keep falling over With my hands on my shoulder I'm wasted If what you hunt is what you see Then what you see is what you really want to eat If what you love is what you bleed, then what you bleed will really set you free Wasted I keep falling over With your heard on my shoulder I'm wasted If what you want is what you need Then what you need is what you really rerally want If what you slim is what you breed Then what you breed has the face of your conceit I'm wasted I don't live without her I don't want to die without her For the goods, check out our MUSIC section.