In remembrance of the passing of The Beatles' George Harrison this past week, we have pulled out a couple tracks from The Beatles (written by George Harrison) which were later covered by a couple of our own bands. The bands being Type O Negative and Spineshank, both fans of and influenced by The Beatles: Spineshank - as once plainly stated by their A&R Rep here, "Spineshank are huge Beatles fans". Did you know that the demo tape they made whilst recording what would later become The Height Of Callousness was originally titled "Flabby Road" (a play on The Beatles' Abbey Road)? It's true. Well, on their debut release back in 1998, Spineshank covered a song called "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", a song from The Beatles which was written by George Harrison. Type O Negative - back in 1999 during the recording for World Coming Down, Type O Negative took their love for The Beatles to another level...not just recording one song, but a medley of three tracks. In a span of 7 minutes and 2 seconds, Type O combines the music of "Day Tripper", "If I Needed Someone", and "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" onto track 13, titled a Day Tripper Medley. Note, "If I Needed Someone" was written fully by George Harrison. Check out the downloads in our MUSIC section for Spineshank's and Type O's take on music from The Beatles. Enjoy.