In honor of the news earlier this week that former Life Of Agony frontman Keith Caputo will be doing a month long residency at CBGB's Gallery in NYC (playing each Tuesday night during the month of March), we have pulled some Life Of Agony out of the archives. For this, we look to metal radio, 1994. We made a Life Of Agony promo disc for the song "This Time". Of course, "This Time" leads off the disc, as it originally appeared on the River Runs Red release. Up next, a radio edit of "This Time", 58 seconds shorter in duration. Closing the disc, is a live version of the track "Through And Through", which Keith opens by saying "this is the video song, you can catch this shit on Headbanger's." You can catch this shit in our MUSIC section Artwork for the front and inside of this promo cd can be found HERE and HERE, respectively. And for those of you who don't know, with all the tempo changes and the heaviness of early LOA, many do consider this the ultimate mosh music. It's true. Enjoy.