For your listening pleasure amongst your travels on our site this week we have Roadrunner Records & MTV's Headbangers Ball CHRISTMAS RUMBLE. Oh, it's true! A very rare piece from the Roadrunner Archives, in fact I do believe there is only ONE copy here in the office. "WOW!" some cat just exclaimed as he walked by my desk checking out this piece of history. "Oh yes," I replied... A little history on this piece before listening - it is a European promo item that was made back in 1994 for a certain event. The event you ask? MTV's Headbangers Ball Europe broadcasted their show from a concert in London featuring Machine Head and a handful of other Roadrunner bands that are featured on this gem of a disc. This one time concert was called Christmas Rumble. Before the show, this piece was put together by Roadrunner folk in Europe to promote the show and to be handed out at the show. Years later, this disc was found in the office of one of Roadrunner's senior members. An easy choice for the Streaming Session Of The Week! It includes tracks from Machine Head, Sepultura, Pro-Pain, Death, Nailbomb, Biohazard, and many more (some of which are mixes you probably never heard). 12 tracks in total spanning 52 minutes and 33 seconds of pure great shit! For a picture of the artwork on this piece, click HERE. The music you are looking for can be found in the MUSIC section of this site, or you can just click HERE. Enjoy