This week for your listening pleasure amongst your travel on the site, we bring you Fear Factory's CARS single. Catalog number RR2189-3, this piece was released in 1999, and of course in Europe only! Why was this chosen? Three reasons - 1) Our boys Fear Factory have a new album coming out April 24th, titled DIGIMORTAL. So, choosing this makes for a good opportunity to mention it (already mentioned now)! 2) I got an email last week sent in from someone asking where they could get this piece. See, the person used to have it, but his car was broken into, and all the cd's in the car were stolen. Well, you know who you are, this Streaming Session goes out to you! 3) Because this single has some pretty cool music on it, and it is pretty much a rarity here in the states. This Streaming Session features 3 tracks in total spanning 12 minutes and 52 seconds. The first track is a simple "Cars" remix, a remix done by Rhys Fulber and Junkie XL. The second track you will hear is referred to as the Falling Deeper Mix of "Descent". This remix was done by Junkie XL. And the last track is known as the Urban Assault Mix of "Edgecrusher". This remix, done by Rhys Fulber, is my personal favorite on this piece. As I am sure you all know, the above three tracks are all from the OBSOLETE release. hope you enjoy! Oh, you can find this stream in the MUSIC section.