This week, THE STREAMING SESSION OF THE WEEK brings you - Machine Head. In honor of Machine Head hitting the studio starting March 15th, this one goes out to them! Yes, it is another European Only released single, but this time I have to admit that there were NO enhancements to the disc! I am a bit puzzled myself! This European release hit the streets in 1997, and is the single TAKE MY SCARS offering. Four tracks in total - 1 - "Take My Scars" (but of course!) 2 - "Negative Creep" 3 - "Take My Scars" (LIVE) 4 - "Blood For Blood" (LIVE) Two last bits of info - 1) the "Negative Creep" track is actually a cover of a Nirvana song. But damn if Machine Head didn't make it their own...a must hear...and 2) the 2 live tracks were recorded at Cirkus in Stockholm on April 30th, 1997. This week's selection can be found, as always, in the MUSIC section. Enjoy! And remember, the recording of Machine Head's forthcoming LP, titled SUPERCHARGER, commences March 15th!