This week's Streaming Session Of The Week takes you back 2 years in time... In honor of confirmed Ozzfest 2001 tour dates (posted on the site here earlier this week), we bring you a promo piece titled We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll (Roadrunner catalog #R407-2), Roadrunner's Ozzfest 99 sampler. (quick fact - the man who came up with the artwork concept for this promo piece, also happens to be the same man who brought you the inaugural Bob Johnsen Commemorative Seasonal Sampler - check out the artwork HERE - now let's hear a round of 'THANK YOU BOB'!) Ozzfest 99 saw Roadrunner acts Fear Factory and Slipknot hit the stage, probably marking the first time many of you ever saw Slipknot. This promo piece, which was basically given out at various Ozzfest 99 shows, contains tracks such as rough mixes from Slipknot (yes, this piece was made before the Slipknot LP was ready) and Coal Chamber, demos from Downer, and a bevy of other tracks from Roadrunner acts - 13 tracks in total. Whilst waiting for Ozzfest 2001 to roll into town, check out the MUSIC section and relive the days of Ozzfest 99, or get to know them if you have yet to do so... note - this piece will be given away here on the site starting tomorrow (03/22) in the FREE SHIT section. Enjoy!