So, what are your thoughts on music from this year that's coming to an end? Where do you think music is going in the year to come? Who will be along for the ride, who will be driving it, and who will be left in the dust? Got an opinion? Sure ya do! We see you talkin shit on our message board all the time...and most of the time we enjoy what we are reading. Well, time to air your thoughts in an organized manner. So speak now or forever hold your peace...Alternative Press want to know what you think. YOUR results will be collected and posted in their mag come early January. Vote online HERE. Oh, and as AP clearly states in the rules for submission, "no boy-bands in the best/worst categories. If you gotta complain, tell it to the staff at Teen People." Words of wisdom...words of wisdom indeed... They say God helps those who helps themselves, so get out there and spread your word.