Giant, oversized floor to ceiling windows surround a room that overlooks the mighty Hudson River on the West Side of Manhattan. Inside that room, Machine Head's vocalist/guitarist Robert Flynn relaxes comfortably on the couch located directly behind the mastering console. He nods his head with satisfaction as the experienced fingers of Ted Jensen deftly operate a mastering console so complex that it could easily be mistaken for the cockpit of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. From the uniquely shaped spherical speakers, strategically positioned for perfect phasing, rips forth Machine Head's latest offering, SUPERCHARGER. (the above picture was helped painted by Dave, as this is pretty much his last duty involving this release...all imagery and details are in accordance with the Production Gospel According To have been warned...Phase II is upon us...resistance is futile...) Yesterday (07/12) marked the final phase and completion of the recording process for Machine Head's Supercharger lp. Yes, Supercharger has been mastered...and barring any final tweaks, the master that is currently being held by Roadrunner A&R will be exactly what you will hear on your stereo for years to come. Machine Head's Robert Flynn arrived in New York on Wednesday night to sit in on yesterday's mastering session, headed by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in NYC. Making the most of his time in New York before heading back to San Francisco on Saturday, Robert spent today (07/13) in the Roadrunner office going over the art for the new release and doing some international press...and took some time out for a quick picture (click HERE) and to talk about Machine Head's upcoming release. When asked how he felt the album turned out, Robert quickly and confidently replied "turned out kick ass." He then added "Ted Jensen is the shit. He rocked it hard." (in reference to the man who sat over the mastering session) When asked which song off the upcoming LP is his favorite, Robert seemed to think for a while...then replied "right now (I am) partial to the title track 'Supercharger'...because it's full on molten metal mayhem." You get the feeling that every song on Supercharger could be his favorite...that if asked the same question 2 minutes later he might have answered differently. Well, there are 12 new tracks to choose from. As of now, the final track listing is to be: 01. (Intro) 02. Bulldozer 03. White-Knuckle Blackout! 04. Crashing Around You 05. Kick You When You're Down 06. Only The Names 07. All In Your Head 08. American High 09. Sick Of You 10. Blank Generation 11. Trephination 12. Deafening Silence 13. Supercharger (please note - that track listing is not yet in complete 100% accordance with Dave...we reserve the right to still make changes)