If you have yet to hear, we regretfully pass along the news of Tony Bono's passing this past weekend. At the age of 38, cause of death was an apparent heart attack. For those of you who do not know, Tony Bono was the bassist for the speed metal band Whiplash. Sound familiar? Check this out: the first two bands EVER signed to Roadrunner Records in the U.S. were Carnivore and Whiplash. Fact. Tony and Whiplash released three albums during their tenure with Roadrunner: Power And Pain in 1986 (3rd album ever released by Roadrunner in the U.S.), Ticket To Mayhem in 1987, and Insult To Injury in 1989. We'd like to extend the following words from those who knew Tony on a personal level: Tony Bono was one of the first musicians I ever worked with here at Roadrunner. His band's new LP, Ticket To Mayhem, had just come out when I started working here in December 1987. It seems like just yesterday that the band was in the offices - Suite 709, back at 225 Lafayette Street - doing college radio phone interviews and IDs, screaming at the top of their lungs "Swallow the slaughter" as part of every single station ID. Tony was the sweetest, most gentle and laid back guy you could hope to meet. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends. - Monte Conner, Vice President A&R _______________________________________________________________________________ A sad thing to wake up to. It's moments like this that make you realize how long it's been since you had last talked to someone. Maybe you should have talked to that person longer last time you saw them in a club. Well, Tony Bono should be remembered for being a good, gentle person and a fantastic musician. I had probably first met him sometime around 1990 when he played bass for NJ thrashers Whiplash. Yep, the same Whiplash that gave Roadrunner an LP titled Ticket To Mayhem and played many shows side by side with the likes of Carnivore and a very young Biohazard. Yep, the same Whiplash who were known as "The Band of Tony's", for nearly all of its members had the same first name! I got to know him a bit better a few years later when he joined up with an old friend of mine, ex-Underdog singer, Richie Birkenhead, in a band called Into Another. Think of Into Another as a very progressive "emo" band before "emo" became a dirty word. Well, Tony struck me as a really great guy. Very humble. Very cool. Hearing about the loss of anyone is terrible. Something about Tony Bono passing is just really, really sad. Gone before his time. - Mike Gitter, A&R Gone before his time, indeed. Our condolences to all family, friends, fans.