If you are like the masses here in Manhattan, you do not have MTV2, hence you could not watch the SXSW piece they have started airing (as written about in the piece Coming Soon To M2). Well, this piece is making its way to MTV proper, and will start airing tonight (03/26) during the following times: 6:50pm (03/26) 1:50am (03/27) 4:50am 7:50am 11:50am 4:50pm note - all above times are Eastern Standard Times. note II - the times might be one or two minutes off... remember - this is a three minute and change piece on the happenings at this year's SXSW festival. And thanks to BK, Anyone, Killswitch Engage, and Jerry Cantrell can be seen. However, you know how shit on that station moves so quickly (apparently they thing we all have short attention spans), so stay focused. You will see... And if you didn't know, word is that MTV has a new show, titled All Things Rock. Sounds promising, ya? This piece will be aired during that show Wednesday night (03/26 - you do the leg work on the show's time).