Taking Dawn's loquacious frontman Chris Babbitt clearly has a way with words, and as an avid metal fan, definitely knows his sh*t when it comes to the greats. So kudos to Revolver for posing the tough question of Ozzy vs. Dio to the devout Sabbath-worshipper (see: this interview for his qualifications).

Though slightly despondent, writing, "Ozzy vs. Dio, eh? Alright, first off, how in the holy hell am I supposed to sum up a bout of such epic proportions that the canny, yet canceled, Celebrity Death Match didn’t dare attempt to lay even their cleverest of claymation claws on it?" Babbitt delivers a case for both sides of the Sabbath coin for Revolver's curious minds.

"Frankly, the pros and cons game is a bit banal, and I have little ill to speak of either of my heroes, whatever whores I may profess them to be in other mediums. Fuck all the lofty prose and let’s talk tunes! While Ozzy makes bigger waves in the mainstream, the ebb and flow of the underground’s undulating undertow might pull more weight by means of proliferation in Dio’s favor. From Elf to Rainbow to Sabbath to Solo, Ronnie James pumps out consistent, quality epics, regardless of who’s slingin’ the strings, be it Blackmore, Iommi, or the vivacious Vivster. Dio possesses the capacity to endow even the most generic of progressions with a grandeur undeniably epic and entirely his own. While Ozzy’s chops will never hold a candle to Ronnie’s, and his ability to pull a piece through the pitfalls of poor arrangement pale in comparison, the Iron Man oozes a genuine candor and charm that is palpable in his performance, and you can’t help but love him for it. It’s like Lennon and McCartney. John certainly didn’t have Paul’s voice, but there was an attitude and unique timbre that transcended any limitations in technical ability."

Read the whole rant right here, and don't miss Babbitt's Dio-fronted Sabbath picks and Ozzy-era Sabbath faves at the end.

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