Writes the site, "From the fist-pumping title track to their assaulting cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” Taking Dawn mixes shredding guitars (played by frontman Chris Babbitt and childhood compadre Mikey Cross) with heavy melodic choruses beckoning back to the days of old. Rounding out the band is Andrew Cushing on bass and Alan Doucette on drums.

Their live show is a page out of history, you’d be hard-pressed to go see them live and not leave with a smile on your face and your fist in the air. Onstage is where the band thrives, unleashing their unabashed energy and youthful enthusiasm on unsuspecting audiences everywhere with the strength of a million caged beasts just waiting to break down that wall, bit by bit.

Some people say a star is born, other say a star is cultivated, whatever the case, lead singer and guitarist Chris Babbitt is well on his way to being a big one. He’s got a larger than life personality and the passion to match it which is a perfectly lethal combo for anyone who gets on stage every night with sole mission to ROCK."

On being a guitarist first and a singer second, Babbitt says: "It’s kind of like the Dave Mustaine syndrome. I think he started out with the thinking that he was a guitarist but not a singer but on a couple of records he was really singing his ass off.  My heroes vocally are the best of the best – Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickenson, Sebastian Bach – so to live up to Steve Perry, come on!  But at least the one advantage that I have is that I have a large range.  It’s not because I’m good, it’s just how my voice works, so at least I have that on my side.  I could be like Vince Neil and have no range whatsoever but still rock!  People like Alice Cooper and Vince Neil who are some of the biggest rockers ever and really don’t have much of a voice to speak of are what made us think we could do this if we believe it and we mean it."

On the album's title also being a song title, Babbitt explains: "The record isn’t named after the song though, it’s named that because it sounds like a classic record – The Number of the Beast, Appetite for Destruction – Time to Burn, sounds like you’re throwing it up in there.  When we were talking about naming the album that just sounded right, it sounded classic and it fit, and of all the songs on the records I think that it’s one of the most personal and one of the most sincere songs that can wrap up what we are, which is big."

On cover songs, of which the band almost went for W.A.S.P's "Fuck Like a Beast" instead of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain," Babbitt contends: "We’re still going to do 'Fuck Like a Beast,' it just wasn’t the right timing. We wanted to do the W.A.S.P song because it had to be shelved in the 80s and I think it’s the best song on that album which I think is W.A.S.P’s best album. I think that W.A.S.P stands for a lot of in the 80s what music was misconstrued to be because it’s such a hard awesome catchy record that someone might disregard as glam because they don’t know any better but it’s nothing like that.  At the same time it had balls that was enough to scare people of power so to speak so I thought it would be cool for our first release to feature that.  We brought it up to our producer and he wasn’t too big on it which was weird because he loves all that kind of music. I wanted him to be into it and so we looked for different options and we considered Mirror, Mirror by Def Leppard (back when they were more Maiden sounding) which is kind of our sound – early Def leppard/ Skid Row/Motley Crue meets Guns n Roses/Metallica/Megadeth so it felt like that was the common ground. The record itself had so many elements of the big harmonies and the catchy, succinct songs that were still edgy and kind of metal but rock so we thought it would fit and complement the record but we thought, what’s the point of covering something that you sound like, unless you’re going to own it.  So Mike suggested  The Chain by Fleetwood Mac and we thought it would be fun because it was different and brought new elements to the table while still bringing the balls to it.  We get to do to that song what Metallica did for Seger which was really cool.  There’s no point covering a song unless you make it your own or make it better than the original."

Read the whole interview right here, get your copy of Time To Burn now, and watch the video for the album's title-track below!