Currently on the road with Halestorm and labelmates Theory of a Deadman, Taking Dawn took a break from the tour to talk with

"Thank God, it's not snowing in Allentown right now," laughs Babbitt from the road. "Pittsburgh was a goddamn nightmare. There's a serious misconception throughout the planet that's probably been perpetrated by Dante. Everybody's of the understanding that Hell consists of flames, and that's fucking wrong, dude! It's snow, for sure! Hell is covered dick-deep in snow. Who knows how much of the Bible's wrong because clearly they had no fucking idea, seriously! [Laughs]"

However, Babbitt does have a thing for fire, and that's one reason why his band's album Roadrunner Records debut is entitled, Time to Burn. It's an incendiary cauldron of fist-pumping, fiery heavy metal that could be the perfect middle ground between early Metallica's thrash vitriol and Rush's melodic power-prog. Taking Dawn will be touring everywhere in support of the record, but it's doubtful the Las Vegas-born and raised Babbitt will develop an affinity for snow and cold weather anytime soon.

He continues, "In the words of Ray Bradbury, 'It was a pleasure to burn.' I will take 112-degree weather any day of the week. Man, it's hard. I'm just a little girl, what are we going to do? [Laughs]"

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