Taking Dawn's brew of hard and heavy rock and metal has a personality all it's own -- fueled in no doubt by the standout personalities of the band's four fun-loving members. Leading the group both on stage and off is frontman Chris Babbitt who has a way with words, to put it lightly! Tasked with answering some rapid-fire questions submitted by the burgeoning band's newest converts, Babbitt doesn't even break a sweat tackling inquiries about the recording quality of his debut record Time to Burn, the band's UK and US touring schedules, his favorite video games growing up and most importantly, what it takes to get noticed by a label.

Explains Babbitt, "The better your band is, the less anyone in the industry will give a shit. Write quirky music and give up hope now so it doesn't crush you later, lol. Seriously though, bust your ass to promote, practice till you're perfect and then practice some
more (apparently I skipped this one), and write songs that matter, instead of writing what everyone else is writing."

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