As Vegas rockers Taking Dawn tour in support of their January 26th debut, Time to Burn, the good reviews of the album are still pouring in.

In their 5 out of 5 assessment, writes, "Listening to this debut disc from Las Vegas, NV TAKING DAWN brings me back from the days of old. Childhood memories rush back of the great 80’s. Yes, I loved the 80’s -- the music, maybe not a lot of the hairdos, but the clothes oh god yes but mainly the fun bands, that street attitude! Anyway, TAKING DAWN’s debut disc TIME TO BURN isn’t full out 80’s rock and the guys in the band don’t want to be known for that but instances and moments of the disc just bring back that Skid Row mentality that off the cuff street toughness with amazing melody but the change up is that the band brings modern tones of guitar solos that merge classic rock and metal modern thrills. From start to finish this album is a guilty pleasure. ENDLESSLY is probably the song that drove me to happiness it has an upbeat melody groove with a catchy chorus, harmonies and just a fun onslaught of sassiness! LIKE A REVOLUTION is dynamite with an upbeat and quick paced drive.  NEVER ENOUGH has attitude and power, it sizzles and soars with good punch, reminds me of an Avenged Sevenfold type of song. I could go on and on with each song because every song just is a fun, monster melody driven song and it makes the album a seamless listen front to back. I would say if you like the 80’s attitude especially something like Skid Row with the modern attitude of something like Avenged but not really and a little Soil, Bullet for my Valentine and maybe even Burn Halo (old singer of Eighteen Vision’s new band) then I’ll say with confidence this album and band is something to look into."

If you haven't heard the record yet, get your copy right here.