Vegas shredders Taking Dawn reached into the fiery pits of their metal souls to pull "This is Madness" out for the God of War: Blood & Metal EP, but don't take our word for it -- Decibel Magazine's esteemed blog employed colorful frontman Chris Babbitt tell you all about it in his own words:

"This is madness, motherfucker! Yeah, something just felt missing without a little profanity, you know? Like a sick song without a shreddin’ solo. If you feel the same, then our little epic ought to suit you down to your soon-to-be flayed flesh, my friend. Because looking at the company we were keeping on Blood & Metal (Dream Theater, Trivium, Opeth, Killswitch, Mutiny [scary shred fiends]) we came chainsaw-in-fucking-hand! “This Is Madness” is an all-purpose Spartan battle hymn for you to lacerate your blistered, aching, Achaean thumbs to, my soon to be frustrated out of your ever loving mind from that impossible fucking level gamer."

Continues Babbitt, "We had these two metal-up-your-ass tracks, "This is Sparta" and "Curse of Troy", that we didn’t get to use on the record because they weren’t finished. And they just didn’t complement the more rock-oriented, shred-laden flow of our recently released debut album, Time to Burn. Being that both cuts employed Greek themes, I spliced ‘em together for some serious Thrash of the Titans action. Let’s say I’m Zeus (and not just because Zeus nailed a lot of hot broads, giggity!) I took the fleetly fretted, sure-footed galloping of “This Is Madness”, threw some wings on that slut of a steed (a.k.a. the harmonized bridge of “Curse of Troy”) and the Pegasus that is “This is Madness” went soaring through the clouds, much like the flight of Icarus. If you haven’t picked up on all the little Maiden/Metallica innuendos yet, I’ll fill you in. I wanted this tune to sound like everything I love from those two bands, but done Taking Dawn style: big harmonies, bigger vocals, and bad-ass leads. It doesn’t take three blind bitches and an all-seeing eye to figure out why those two bands are such titanic influences on us. Think some Olympian amalgamation of Puppets-meets-Powerslave and you’re on the right road to righteous blood-shed!"

In closing the hilarious frontman says, "If this track doesn’t whip you into a blood-frenzied fervor to vanquish vain demigods and demolish dickhead deities, then seek a neurosurgeon and see if your insurance covers testicle transplants, because you either have no brains or no balls. I love you, my little nymphs. So until next time, get some serious stains all over those Sony systems and be shred, or be dead!"

Read the entire entertaining rant right here, get the digital-only God of War 3 soundtrack in question HERE and for more on these hard and heavy newcomers, pick up a copy of their debut album Time to Burn RIGHT HERE.