Las Vegas rockers Taking Dawn released their debut album Time to Burn at the end of January, and are the among the latest rave reviews the album has received!

Writes the reviewer, "Hot Damn! Time To Burn is a phenomenal offering start to finish. Taking Dawn brings the heaviness right from the beginning with an unbelievably catchy tune you will find yourself singing along with the chorus (Halle-fucking-lujah) in no time at all. This song sets the bar so high I did not think they would be able follow through for the remainder of the disc. Man was I wrong. Track after blistering track pound the listener into submission with powerfully heavy grooves delivered with tons of swagger and attitude. Add in the huge choruses and this is one terrific disc.

Favorite tracks of mine on this disc include the “Fight ‘em With Your Rock” and “Never Enough,” both of which are completely unbelievable tunes that rock so hard I almost broke a sweat.

I was anticipating this record for a while and I must say absolutely love the ENTIRE album, which is highly unusual for me. I usually find at least a couple of songs that I feel do not make the cut and I am forced to hit skip on the player, but there's no filler to be found at all here on Time To Burn. Vocalist, Chris Babbitt, has a strong, powerful, passion filled voice that propels each tune with heavy melodies. The complex arrangements and unbelievable guitar shredding (especially on Take Me Away) will hook the listener right away and leave them in awe.

One last thing worth mentioning is the bands killer cover of the Fleetwood Mac tune “The Chain.” This is an unlikely tune for a hard rock band to cover but they do it phenomenally well, it is truly enjoying. If you are a fan of well-produced, well-written Rock And Roll this is a must have disc for you. I know it is only February but I feel this is going to be a contender for one of the best albums of the year."

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