Just got an email sent to the webmaster wherein someone named Sharron was nice enough to drop us a tip. Biohazard will be releasing a title called Tales From The B Sides come September 11th. This info apparently comes from someone who works with the band directly. Upon checking out the Biohazard website, there is something up describing the release, and it goes like this - "THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MUST-HAVE FOR ANY TRUE HAZARDOUS PERSONNEL...PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS FROM THE BROOKLYN VAULTS...ARCHIVES OF DEMO VERSIONS OF TRUE BIOHAZARD CLASSICS...SONGS FROM MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS, REMIXES, AND TONS OF OTHER COOL SHIT!!!" Info on how to order the disc follows (apparently you can get it now). Check out Biohazard's LINKS section for their official site address and read about it yourself. And Sharron, thanks for the line!