Just an interesting tidbit from the road We currently have a load of bands on tour right now, three of which are playing the same bill - Spineshank, Chimaira, and Ill Nino. Well, two nights ago (06/17), the crew was playing a show at the crazy Ector County Coliseum in Odessa, TX. Talk about crazy, did you know there was a rodeo held there before the show? Anyway, after Spineshank finished the closing set, the show was over...or was it? Instead of getting out and hitting the great Odessa nightlife, which mainly consists of a Denny's and Taco Bell, a couple bands extended play. Yes, Spineshank and Chimaira joined forces on stage for a half hour jam session...a session which featured the bands playing cover tunes, "we butchered songs from Slipknot, System of A Down, Motley Crue (among others too)..." tells Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter. Ill Nino had no comment on the mini-concert after the show!