The Devil Wears Prada frontman Mike Hranica was interviewed by Ryan Downey for Alternative Press; in the course of the conversation, he talks about faith, fans, and "Gloom," the new song the band's performing on their current tour.

Hranica has written a book, One and a Half Hearts, about the recording of their last album, 2011's Dead Throne; he tells AP, "I've been pretty transparent with a lot of the intentions of the band. Especially when we did With Roots Above And Branches Below and even more so with Dead Throne, as far as really being confrontational about what these songs are about, how I feel and what I'm trying to express. One & A Half Hearts is a detailed account of that, something that just sort of has a different perspective."

TDWP are one of the most prominent Christian bands on the scene, but as Hranica explains, "When I joined the band, it wasn’t a 'Christian Band.' We were just Christians in a band. When I became the singer, I was like, 'Can I write about it?' Everyone was fine with it, which was cool. It's always been something that just happens. For that, I'm very blessed...I've always felt my writing is a means of expression, and when it does come to writing, my faith just comes through."

Regarding the new song "Gloom," which has been going over quite well with fans at shows, he says, "The lyrics aren’t out there yet, and the more we play it, the more I realize I need to rewrite certain parts. The song will change. We picked it to play live on this tour because it’s simple. We wanted something that was beefy and in your face, so we chose that."

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The Devil Wears Prada's tour with As I Lay Dying and For Today continues through April 4; find a show near you!