You may know Austin Stephens from such fan photos as THIS (story on that to come in the future). If not, Austin is Roadrunner's southeast sales regional based down there in Atlanta. He's gonna start writing for our reading pleasure on a weekly basis (updates every Thursday - Amy's 'Metal' update is for Friday's, but she is on vaca this week). So, we turn the floor over to Austin. Volume I What's going on in the world of Roadrunner? Well, lets start with Sepultura's Under a Pale Grey Sky - it hit stores this week and it is the fuckin' bomb. The last show with Max Cavalera conveniently packaged for both you and me. A must have for any Roadrunner fan, and if you didn't get to see Soulfly on the Slayer tour, you missed a couple things. First you didn't get to see Max Cavalera and the boys rip through tracks like "Eye for an Eye" and "Seek n' Strike," not to mention a Sepultura block of "Roots Bloody Roots," "Refuse/Resist," and "Attitude." Second, you missed one of Roadrunner's new artists, downthesun. They fuckin rule, and if you haven't seen the video for "Medicated", you need to stay up late and turn on MTV2 (extreme rock show 1:30am). There's a lot of other news goin on in the dirty south for heavy music right now. I had the privilege of seeing Boy Sets Fire, one of the best hardcore bands out there, and Atreyu, up and coming (They put the ROCK in COCK ROCK). If the Snapcase/Boy Sets Fire tour is coming your way, don't miss it. Shadows Fall put out a new record last week and I got to see them here in ATL. They are just flat out intense and even though there wasn't a huge turn, out they rocked stadium style. Well I'm off to rock harder than ever at CKY and the mighty Stone Sour this weekend. I'll update you on that later.