Volume II So to my amazement, I had the privilege of witnessing Stone Sour rock, Amphitheater style, this past weekend in the ATL. How much of a pleasure can one band be? First off, the show rocked. I swear Corey must practice head banging in the mirror, he does some aerodynamic shit with his hair, it was like watching a slow motion cannibal corpse video. They started their set with "Get Inside" and the rock just continued from there. They got a real break too, being the direct support of Stone Temple Pilots that night, who was a little off their game. Anyway, the guys from Stone Sour did a signing for their fans before the set and kids were goin' nuts screaming at Corey, and he always screamed back, the whole band was really excited to meet all the kids and they stayed late to get through the whole line and take pictures. After that they went to a radio booth to do an interview and as soon as it was over the guys started talking to the kids surrounding the booth. These guys are far from stand-offish with fans, it was nice to see!!! In other music, I got to check out CKY last week and it was a little off. I mean they were sloppy. All they did was swear at the audience, talk about GG Allin, and butcher their songs. The new album is really good, but live I was less than impressed. However, The All-American Rejects, who opened for CKY, were amazing. They are a catchy punk rock band from Oklahoma that really brought the rock, and they were tight live. Their debut record comes out on Doghouse records October 15th. I also got the chance to check out the new Ill Nino Digipak this weekend and it's the bomb!!! I loved the first record and this re-issue with 5 additional songs is great. The new track "Fallen" is great and their cover of Soulfly's "Eye for an Eye" is essential to any collection. Hopefully they'll be touring soon and they'll play some of this stuff. This weekend I'm looking forward to seeing goneblind, one of Roadrunner's newest signingss, If you like Quicksand, you'll love this band. Look forward to next week!!!