#2 Brujeria - Matando Gueros

Formed in 1989, this notorious Mexican outlaw band showcased some serious grind on their 1993 debut album, Matando Güeros. Though later revealed to be a super group of sorts featuring members of Fear Factory, Faith No More, Napalm Death, Carcass, and more, the band’s sordid identity was perceived for years as consisting of real Mexican narco-satanists wanted by the FBI. Musically, the album showcased blast beats and muddy, speed-infused guitars with throaty vocals spewing Spanish lyrics that boasted hatred, violence, and drugs. 

But the disreputable stigma surrounding the band didn’t stop at the lyrics or their devious persona. The album cover stirred up outrage and controversy all it's own for the gruesome depiction of an actual battered and severed head, said to be taken from the pages of Mexican sensationalist news magazine ¡Alarma!

The album was banned in stores worldwide for its grisly imagery, causing a censored version to be distributed for purchase in the early 90s and causing the band’s career-long notoriety as “Mextremists” to catapult.

Watch as Monte Conner, Senior VP of A&R explains more about the album and it's infamous cover, and listen to the title-track below.

Matando Güeros is available for purchase at a discounted price right HERE.

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