#4 Fear Factory - Demanufacture

Marking the LA-based metal band’s first foray into redefinition, this 1995 sophomore album marks the industrialized crew’s move from their aggro death metal roots into a more groove-oriented, techno-infused "futuristic" style, thus producing Demanufacture -- an album heralded by many as the band’s quintessential work.

Both catchy and crushing, the concept of man governed by machine featured within the 11 tracks of this classic, genre-defining album were said by frontman Burton C. Bell to be largely influenced by The Terminator.

As for the album's art, the stark simplicity of a bar code (the actual bar code of the album for purchase) melded into a human spine signified the man-made machine, machine-conquers-man theme prevalent in Fear Factory's lyrics and sound.

Watch as Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner gives some more insight on the creation and concept of this cover, and watch the video for "Replica" from the album below.

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