#5 Nailbomb - Point Blank

The sonic love child of Fudge Tunnel's Alex Newport and Sepultura's Max Cavalera, this 1994 one-off album from their Nailbomb union showcased dense, industrialized heaviness, seething with all-out punk aggression.

In 13 tracks the revered duo -- crediting Sepultura alumns Andreas Kisser and Iggor Cavalera, as well as Fear Factory's Dino Cazares and Wicked Death's Ritchie Bujnowski as players on the final product -- managed to make an angry masterpiece that meets in the middle of what both Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel were doing at the time. But as for the visual representation of Point Blank, the war-time photo of a Viet Cong woman with a gun to her head proves just as striking as the devastatingly heavy music within it's sleeve.

Max Cavalera checks in to discuss how they came across the image: "I remember that me and Alex were looking for a political album cover, something that was not a design or a drawing but a strong picture. And then we got to this company that had all of this war footage, all these war pictures, and that was one of the pictures."

Continues Cavalera, "When we saw that, right away we were like this is the one, this is the album cover.  On the material that came with the pictures, it said that the woman was actually released, nothing really happened to her, even though it looks like some guy’s ready to blow her brains out. I like the effect that it’s a really strong album cover, it’s just like Nailbomb -- it fits the music. It’s really powerful imagery. I think that there defines the album being a good album cover when it does that to people.“

Watch as Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner gives us more insight on what this album and it's artwork were all about and listen to the fast and furious "Wasting Away" below.

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