#6 Killswitch Engage – The End of Heartache

Released in 2004 to critical acclaim, this 3rd full-length from Massachusetts metalcore trailblazers Killswitch Engage showcased the band's new singer Howard Jones for the first time, taking the band to another level. With all the rapid, melodic riffage, vicious- screaming-alongside-hearty- crooning, and double-bass mastery one could want, it's no surprise this album won the title of the Roadrunner Staff's album of the decade just earlier this year. And right there with it's sonic splendor, The End of Heartache's imagery - as done by bassist and graphic designer Mike D' Antonio for all Killswitch albums - is just as noteworthy. Rather than explain it, here's the artist's perspective:  

Says Mike D., “It's exciting to be recognized for "The End Of Heartache" album cover design. It still remains one of my favorites to this day. Surprisingly, the heart with nails image was something that was stuck in my head for many years. And I am glad it translated well into print.”

As for how he made it exactly, Mike goes on, “It all started with a trip to my local craft store. I bought a styrofoam heart, red and black gouache paint, a box of assorted nails and a few strings of fake flowers. In total, it cost me about $12.

“I painted the heart thick with black gouache and pushed nails into the styrofoam by hand. Next I set up a bunch of flood lights in my 4x4 bathroom and dunked my wife's hands in red gouache (for that thick "blood" look). I probably took 2 gigs of digital photos for the right angle and look for the cover... The rest is history.”

Check out what Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner had to say about it making the list, and listen in on some classic cuts off of Killswitch’s killer album in question below.

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