#7 Sepultura – Chaos A.D.

This 1993 release from Brazilian metallers Sepultura sonically sees the band transcend from their thrashing death metal aesthetic into a more eclectic output, showcasing groove-oriented paces, incorporating moody riffs, industrial soundscapes and even introducing hardcore punk elements throughout the record. With protest songs like “Refuse/ Resist” and the Jello Biafra-penned “Biotech is Godzilla” spouting conspiracy theories, the politically-charged lyrics aided in Chaos A.D. becoming a breakthrough album for the band worldwide.

And as for the visual representation? We’ll let  Sepultura founder and former frontman Max Cavalera describe it’s conception: “Chaos AD was commissioned through Michael Whelan that we already used on two albums before: Beneath the Remains and Arise, but Beneath the Remains and Arise were already existing paintings, and Chaos AD was a brand new painting that was commissioned by us to Michael Whelan to create based on the name of the album. We gave it to him, and he came up with the body bag with the money upside down and all the electronic stuff going through the body bag and I think it was really cool.”

Continues Cavalera, “There’s a lot of detail in Michael Whelan’s artwork. There’s a lot of little things for people to look at -- on the machinery you can see little hands and people’s faces and stuff like that. I was really proud because I really like Michael Whelan, I think he’s one of the best artists. And I’m really proud that I got to work with him on Chaos and gave him ideas. He delivered, you know, he did a great album cover that a lot of people love. “

As for it being our #7 album cover, Senior VP of A&R Monte Conner explains the power of the cover in the video below.

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