Do you think you're a high flyer after 9 episodes of the Skull Sessions? Boy, get ready to say "I'm A Loser" because this is Skull Sessions Episode 10! This episode is too hot to handle and will be the reason you love to love the Skull Sessions. Are you hot 'n' ready? Here come host Bob Nalbandian, returning guest Martin Popoff (author of UFO: Shoot Out The Lights), and rock music heavyweight Brian Brinkerhoff. They're doing it all for you as they explore UFO from 1970 through 2006.

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Brian Brinkerhoff has been involved in the music business for several years as a rock journalist for magazines such as Kerrang! as well as a managing partner with Vis-a-vi Music Management in the '90s, E-Music, and Walt Disney Publishing where Brian signed the entire Bad Company back catalog. Brian's also had an extensive relationship with several of the members of UFO for several years and is and always will be a die-hard rock & metal fan!