Remember reading the previous Machine Head news story titled SMELLS LIKE MACHINE HEAD? It was the one telling you about Ten Ton Hammer, the famed Machine Head cover band, playing a show on Halloween. In fact, what was to be their second show EVER. Well, have you made the connection? Ten Ton Hammer IS Machine Head. Oh, such a grand tradition Halloween is...and much to the credit and creativeness of Machine Head, they played a hometown show on Halloween under the moniker Ten Ton Hammer. AND, they dressed up too. Like what? Check out the following Ten Ton Hammer review as written by Road Crew member Natalie Fuellenbach: "Machine Head didn't end up dressing in Star Wars costumes...they were an 80's hair band....well Motley Crue to be exact. hehehe. They started the show out by playing an old 80's song...and they ended the show with "Iron Man"... I had a great time! It was so fun....the drink for the night was the browneye heheheh. I have to say this was the best halloween yet." 'Browneye' you say? Yes, it's a real drink, a specialty if you will. Anyway, that was how Machine Head spent Halloween. Pretty frickin cool, huh? Check out four pics of Motley Crue, um we mean Machine Head, in their PHOTO GALLERY. Pics courtesy once again, of Road Crew member Natalie Fuellenbach. random fact - Much of Machine Head's latest release Supercharger was recorded in analog, as opposed to using pro tools, as most all recordings nowadays are done. Reason? For a warmer, heavier sound. If you want to know more, check out the 12/2001 issue of Guitar World. In particular, there is a great article on Ahrue and Robert titled 'Pedals To The Metal'. Machine Head is touring Europe right Austria tomorrow night (11/07) to be exact. new release Supercharger in stores now