A long day, a lotta film...and the shoot for the upcoming Cradle of Filth "Nymphetamine" video is complete. Shot yesterday (8/12) in the UK, crew were on site by 7:30am, and there 'til the last take at 2am. The band also had an early start, driving into London for the shoot from Ipswich, and finally arriving home around 4am this morning. Bassist Dave - somehow - has since hauled himself out of bed to send forth this quick note about yesterday's shoot: "The video shoot for 'Nymphetamine' went great. Had a very early start at 7am, obviously with a hangover, and spent 14 hours holed up in a damp underground vault near the London Dungeon. Pretty grim stuff. The director, Dani Jacobs, and his crew were brilliant and worked flat out all day filming lots of different scenes with Dani, the band, Liv Kristine and our 2 very beautiful actresses. I can't wait to see the finished version. Hope they get to include what will be the first windmill headbanging in a metal ballad, haha!!! Liv was amazing and I wanna thank her for being so cool." Check back next week for shots from the shoot.