Ill Nino wrapped up their first round of tracking last night at Showplace Studios in NJ. Over the past sixteen days, they have been laying down tracks for their Roadrunner debut. Here is where they stand now: 1) In total, the band tracked 13 songs ('tracked' meaning layed down bass, drums, and rhythm guitar). 2) Among the 13 songs that they layed tracks down for, four of them now have vocals ("Unreal", "Rip Out Your Eyes", "No More", and "God Save Us"). The band will be going back into the studio with Ron St. Germain (who as we speak is currently producing the new 311 LP) after the holidays - 2nd week in January to be exact. Till then, Ill Nino will be doing some local dates (NYC/NJ area). No shows are yet confirmed, but we will let you know as soon as there are real dates...Oh yeah, the band will also be hard at work on getting their artist website up and running in the next couple weeks. Hardest working band in the business???