Joel Birch, vocalist for recent Roadrunner signings The Amity Affliction, was recently interviewed by the Defiance Press blog. In the course of the conversation, he discusses his musical influences, reveals the story behind some of the band's song titles, talks about where he'd like to go on tour and more.

Says Birch, "I grew up listening to Metallica, Megadeth and Guns N' Roses from about seven or eight years old until I was eleven when Nirvana came into play, and then all the '90s SoCal punk bands came into play which eventually led me to loving hardcore, and now here I am."

On the subject of touring, he says, "It’s hard to answer a question like this because I don’t think there’s anywhere that I don’t want to tour, to be honest."

Regarding the songs "RIP Steggy" and "RIP Foghorn" from the band's debut CD, Youngbloods (available October 25), Birch says, "One is about a plastic toy that for some reason used to make it to parties and be fucked with, and the other is about a dead chicken that we passed every day on the way from our apartment in Union City, Jersey down to the recording studio in Hoboken. Ridiculous, but I guess that’s our way of letting people know that we don’t take ourselves too seriously."

Read the whole interview at this link.