So, last Tuesday (9/09), we released our Two From The Vault series: 9 bands, 2 albums per band, each sold as a double CD set. The bands: Annihilator, Suffocation, Exhorder, Front Line Assembly, Gang Green, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Obituary, and Pestilence. After one week of being of being on the market, which band's offering sold the most? Take a guess...intermission music... Well, that question was asked here yesterday. And when asked, someone yelled out, "EXHORDER." And you know what, that person was 100% correct. Exhorder's Slaughter In The Vatican and The Law was the best selling piece on this the first week of the Two From The Vault releases. Chiming in shortly after the correct answer, one Roadrunner vet added proudly, "two of the best records this label EVER put out." In other Two From The Vault news, please check out our FREE SHIT section for a chance to win an authentic, REAL Annihilator tour jacket from their 1990-1991 Never Neverland tour. You don't get more old school than this. Next up, The Best Of series - Mercyful Fate, Deicide, King Diamond, Life Of Agony, Madball, Malevolent Creation, and Brujeria - coming 9/23. for details on all the above releases, check out