Chimaira is officially back home in the U.S. after touring Europe for the past month on the 2003 European Roadrage tour with Ill Nino and Spineshank. And in exactly one week, Chimaira will be hitting the road once again, this time on their The Pure Hatred Tour, a headline run with Soilwork and Bleeding Through rounding out the bill (check Chimaira's TOUR section for all upcoming dates). But before we look to the tour ahead, we look at the tour just passed. Chimaira drummer Andols shares with us 5 favorite things and 5 not-so-favorite things about touring Europe: Andols' Top Five Best Things About Europe 1. The fans are extremely appreciative. 2. The Euro, so convenient. 3. Can almost always find the Golden Arches wherever you go. 4. All the venues have showers. 5. Did he mention McDonalds already? Andols' Top Five Worst Things About Europe 1. The third world countries on wheels known here as "tour buses". 2. Your truck stops rock here, except for the exact opposite. 3. When he gets home, mobile phone bill rivals California's statewide budget deficit. 4. If you're hungry after 7pm, you're screwed. 5. Could make a list of restaurants that would fill a Roman scroll that Europe is in dire need of... CHIMAIRA US 'THE PURE HATRED TOUR' STARTS 11/17 IN COLUMBUS, OH