So, is it safe to presume that many of you cats reading this are now acquainted with 36 Crazyfist's drummer Thomas Noonan? If you hit our MESSAGE BOARD, odds are the answer is a astounding 'YES'. Did you realize he has 555 posts on the board??? Anyway, after speaking with Thomas yesterday, we learn the following: Brock (vocals) and Thomas have spent the past three months at home in Alaska. Mick (bass) spent some time in the homeland as well. As for Steve (guitar), he has been in Portland all this time. Well, as of this past Tuesday (09/25) the band is back together...all back in Portland, which is to be their home base for the time being. Word has it that last night (09/26) 36 CF went and grabbed their equipment out of storage and are going to get back to practicing -probably 5 day a week sessions- like it's their j-o-b! Word also has it that 10 tracks from their upcoming debut Bitterness The Star are now fully mixed (and we have a new one for you to hear), meaning that there are now only three tracks left to go. Mixing should be complete by the end of the week. Keep checking back for some local Portland shows they might be playing in the future... NOW, time for some new music. Check out the MP3 download we just put up for the track "Turns To Ashes", off the upcoming Bitterness The Star release. Damn, Thomas has got some skills behind the kit...actually, the whole band does, this is some tight knit shit (note - this is an unmastered, rough mix). Check out new 36 Crazyfist music in our MUSIC section.