What do you know about Killswitch Engage? It's been almost a month since we made mention of one of our newest acts - so here we go: - Killswitch is still banging out the recording of their debut Roadrunner release, Alive Or Just Breathing, at Zing Studios in MA. - Word is recording is around 65% done (do not ask how that figure was calculated), with mostly vocals taking up the percentage that needs completed. - Speaking of vocals, word is that Shadows Fall frontman, Brian Fair, will be joining the band in the studio this weekend to lay down some lines. - Speaking of lines, song titles at present include "Temple From The Within", "Numbered Days", "Transfiguration", "Just Barely Breathing", "Self-Revolution", "My Last Serenade", "In The Unblind", and "Vide Infra". - Word is there is another handful of untitled songs being tracked, along with the possibility of an instrumental being put on the release. - Word is also that there might be another batch of studio pictures creeping up after the weekend...we shall see... OK, enough already - if you have yet to do so, check out the demo versions of "Temple From The Within" and "Numbered Days" in KsE's MUSIC section...tis but a taste of what is to come. Oh, one last reminder - THIS GUY is producing the effort... Godspeed gentlemen.