Yesterday (01/29), in a story entitled ANYONE AND COAL CHAMBER COLLIDE, we wrote how Anyone's vocalist/guitarist Riz Story was en route with Metal Hammer personnel over to Coal Chamber's frontman's house, Dez Fafara. All true. So, what happened? First, apparently Riz and the boys from Metal Hammer had a bit of car trouble, showing up at Dez's pad 2 hours later than expected. No worries though, as Dez tells, "we had a great time". So, what exactly was this in home feature all about? Riz was accompanied by a journalist who was taking notes whilst Riz and Dez spoke, and a photographer who was taking pictures of everything at Dez's place - his artwork (both paintings and sculptures), Anahstasia's artwork, pics of the backyard, bedroom - everything. What exactly did Dez and Riz speak about? Dez tells "Everything. From music to literature. I found out he's a fan of Ghandi, he found out I'm a fan of Machiavelli." Though we are not sure when this "Through The Keyhole With Riz Story" feature at Dez's house will appear in Metal Hammer, it should be within the next couple months. We'll be sure to keep you posted. In closing, Dez tells "It's a true at home - t shirts, no make up, kicking back at home with the Fafara's." Dez wishes the best of luck to Riz and his band Anyone, whose self titled debut release hits the streets February 26th. As for the next "Though The Key Hole With Riz Story", as this is being written (4:23pm EST on 01/30), Riz is on his way to Ozzy's pad. (yes, we said that already happened...but apparently we lied...) It's true.