This week marked the release of Ill Nino's debut DVD, Live From The Eye Of The Storm. On this piece, a full concert recorded live in Pennsylvania in early 2004, exclusive interview footage, a "Confessional" featurette, all of the band's videos, and a photo gallery commemorating the last 2 years of Ill Nino. Also, as you should all be well aware of by now, Chimaira's debut DVD is out. The meat of this release is an All Access, no-holds-barred feature length documentary covering the last 2 years of Chimaira, with optional band commentary, plus almost an hour of killer live performance footage captured around the world, all of the band's videos, and a bonus CD - the remastered This Present Darkness 7 song EP with 2 bonus tracks not available on the original release. Oh, and a Soulfly DVD is currently in the making. For more info on the above DVDs and more, check out