Well, almost everything you could ever want to know about Fear Factory's tour, not all dates have been made as of yet...but here is the general idea - The Evolution Of Revolution Tour is the name. Fear Factory is the headlining act. They will be traveling throughout the US up until the end of July (i.e. it has already started). Currently, fellow Roadrunner act DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) is playing directly prior to Fear Factory. DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) will be on this tour throughout the whole run - until the end of July. Another fellow Roadrunner act, Spineshank, will also be making an appearance on The Evolution Of Revolution Tour. Currently they are still on the road with Disturbed, and will be up until May 11th. After that Spineshank will be doing a few radio shows. Come May 20th they will be joining Fear Factory and DRY KILL LOGIC (formerly known as Hinge) on the road for a month, making The Evolution Of Revolution Tour somewhat of a mini Roadrunner festival. To The Evolution Of Revolution Tour! See TOUR section for full detail of confirmed dates and dates to come.