We have been quite a number of emails lately asking what is going on with Fear Factory??? Well, wonder no more. Fear Factory is currently winding down the recording of their upcoming release Archetype, which will be released by Roadrunner in Europe, and D3 in the USA. A release date has tentatively been set for April 2004. Track listing for the album is shaping up as follows: Slave Labor Cyberwaste Act of god Default Judgement Corporate Cloning Archetype Drones Bite The Hand That Bleeds... Bonescraper Undercurrent Human Shields Ascencion (outro) School (Nirvana cover) (Bonus track) For more detail on the world of Fear Factory, read guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers' words yourself...as follows: "Everything is going great. We just finished tracking 14 songs at Rumbo Recorders in LA. This is where Guns N Roses recorded all their albums. The studio had a great vibe. A lot of history in this place. Roy Orbison still wanders thru the hallways! "I must say this was the smoothest record we have ever recorded. We tracked the whole thing in 28 days! The record is called Archetype and was produced by FF ourselves. We used Ken Marshall (Skinny Puppy) to engineer and record the album. Another Canadian. LOL! "Currently I'm finishing up programming and keyboards with Rhys Fulber, Steve Tushar and John Bechdel. We will start mixing on the first of December in Vancouver with Ken Marshall. I must say this is a pretty heavy classic FF album and our hardcore fans will be pleased. "No watered down songs, no stripped parts...blah blah blah...Just brutal Fear Factory. Raymond has especially pushed the bar in Metal drumming to the next level. The drums on this record make Demanufacture for beginners! LOL.... "I played all the guitars and bass on the album and we will start rehearsing with Byron Strout (Strapping Young Lad) on bass guitar in December. He will be our bass player for FF. I feel Byron has the perfect mentality for FF and he's a cool motherfucker. And he's from Canada! What's up with all them Canucks!!!!! "We will be touring with Korn and Static-X in February which we're really excited about. Both Static and Korn are longtime friends and I have nothing but respect for those guys. It's gonna be a great tour...and a great year for Fear Factory. "We feel this FF is stronger that ever...more hungry than ever....and most important of all....Burton, Ray and myself have become best friends in the last 2 years. We see and hang out more with each other now than we did in 10 years of touring! It feels truly amazing. "The website is under construction. We are doing a better site at the moment. "I played some for Ross Robinson and he looked at me saying this is the best work he's heard from FF yet. Rhys is saying similar things...... "It feels good to be back!!!!!"