Remember when we posted the news story last night that had the 'final' track listing for Slipknot's IOWA? We lied... If you don't remember the story, don't bother looking for it as it has since been deleted...Anyway, it went a little something like this: In 1995, the embryo was formed. In '97 it mutated. In '99, the maggots were set free. Now, in 2001, the infestation continues... And now, for the first time, the definitive (as of now) track listing for Slipknot's upcoming IOWA release (and yes, this is different from what any other site has yet to post) - 1 - "(515)" 2 - "People = Shit" 3 - "Disasterpiece" 4 - "My Plague" 5 - "Everything Ends" 6 - "The Heretic Anthem" 7 - "Gently" 8 - "Left Behind" 9 - "The Shape" 10 - "I Am Hated" 11 - "Skin Ticket" 12 - "New Abortion" 13 - "Metabolic" 14 - "Iowa" note - track #10, "I Am Hated", is the track that Slipknot performed for the upcoming movie ROLLERBALL. also note - the Japan only release of IOWA will contain a bonus track. Track #15 on that release will be "Liberate" (live). yet another note - Check out our FREE SHIT section to grab a promo cassette containing a rough mix of "Heretic Song" (now titled "The Heretic Anthem"). And onto new business...through a recent interview with KERRANG!, Slipknot sat down and went through their upcoming LP. Over the upcoming week, we will be giving out the descriptions of the songs as done by KERRANG! (2-3 tracks/day). Here is the first installment: 01. "(515)" (1.00): An unhinged and unsettling intro, featuring 60 seconds of low-end throbbing topped with depraved screaming and yelps from the 'KNOT. 02. "People=Shit" (3.36): The first of the songs, recently aired in the UK for the first time at Ozzfest, this explodes into a savage, death-metal style blast beat and some deranged bellowing from Corey. It's instantly apparent that SLIPKNOT's second album is a far more aggressive and intense beast than their first. 03. "Disasterpiece" (5.09): This kicks off with a trademark, 'KNOT stomp, a la "Surfacing" and then builds into a series of intense metal riffage, recalling both SLAYER and MORBID ANGEL. SAMPLE LYRIC: "What the fuck are you looking at?" and of course, one LAST note - as the above is the final track listing as of this minute, it is not in accordance with the Production Gospel According to Dave (Phase II is upon have been warned...resistance is futile...), hence it is still open to evidenced by last night's most recent change.