The latest on the upcoming IOWA release, the latest from Slipknot... First off, as we know you are all wondering, no definitive release date has been set for IOWA. As of now, a date in August is being eyed. Once again, confirmation should be coming soon. We can tell you that the films for IOWA's packaging will be heading on a plane tonight (06/25), en route to Germany where this special package will be made. Well, onto where we left off this past Friday (06/22) when we were previewing the descriptions of the songs as done by the legendary KERRANG! magazine. Today we move onto track #4, 5, & 6. Today's reading is as follows: 04. My Plague (3.39): Another immensely heavy track but this time with an incredibly catchy and melodic chorus amid the sick riffs and thunderous percussion. This also features a few blasts of twisted drum 'n' bass. SAMPLE LYRIC: "Im just a bastard, but at least I admit it." 05. Everything Ends (4.14): One of the band's most immediate tracks and a potential future single, this again proves that SLIPKNOT have moved forward into more brutal, metallic territory. Reminiscent of "Spit it Out", but faster and heavier. Yes, heavier. SAMPLE LYRIC: "This is the end of everything, you are the end of everything." 06. The Heretic Anthem (4.18): Another song aired at Ozzfest and available for MP3 download at - this is another song clearly inspired by death metal and SLAYER. An outrageous "Angel of Death"-style bass drum break appears amid the shout along chorus and intense chuggery. SAMPLE LYRIC: "If you're 555 then I'm 666" To add, Shawn (#6) states in regards to his take on "The Heretic Anthem", "I didn't actually write the lyrics, but I can tell you what I'm feeling about it. My personal vibe on it is, 'if you want me to be something, I'm not going to be anything you want me to be. I'm gonna be what I am-there's no changing it and no denying it and if you try to change it, well…you know what happens'." Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our Slipknot update for the day. Until tomorrow... In the meantime, check out some great live pics of Slipknot from this current Ozzfest tour at