First, thanks to all of you who sent in questions for Chimaira, there were so many good ones that we will be sending 25 to the band instead of 20. Next order of business, the Chimaira mixes. Things are shaping up nicely on this project. As you read and viewed yesterday, the cover for this upcoming LP, titled Pass Out Of Existence, is complete. Well, after speaking with singer Mark Hunter earlier today, so should the mixes. Way ahead of schedule, Mark tells that completion of the mixes should happen today (05/15). The only track left to do is "Rizzo" - the song featuring Stef from Deftones, a song that "lyrically attacks people who think they are invincible when inebriated," tells Mark. The final outcome as of now, are 14 tracks to be on their album plus two b-sides (most likely for European usage...but of course!). The 14 tracks to be included on the release are as follows - "Let Go" "Dead Inside" "Severed" "Lumps" "Pass Out Of Existence" "Abeo" "Sp lit" "Painting The White To Grey" "Taste My..." "Rizzo" "Sphere" "Forced Life" "Options" "Jade" The two b-sides are "Without Moral Restraint" and "Fascination Street" (cover from the Cure). Mastering is slated to occur later this month. 2 notes of interest - when asked what the band's favorite song of the above is, the answer is "Sp lit". Why? "Heaviest song on the record by far," exclaims Mark, which leads one to believe this is a track that will make you scream SCHNARRR!!!! When Mark was asked his favorite song from the sessions, the answer is "Jade". Why? "It's the epic closer. Shit, I think it's going to be about 17 minutes." This is the recording of Chimaira Pass Out Of Existence