Coming April 8th, a Fear Factory release by the name of Hatefiles should be hitting the streets. Meant for the hardcore FF fan, this album is 18 tracks of b-sides, rarities, and remixes made over the band's 10+ year career. And now in our MUSIC section, an MP3 for the track "Frequency" has been of the 18 rarities to be found on the Hatefiles release. Enjoy. Full track listing is below: 1. Terminate 2. Frequency 3. Demolition Racer 4. Machine Debaser 5. Invisible Wounds (The Suture Mix) 6. Edgecrusher (Urban Assault Mix) 7. Descent (Falling Deeper Mix) 8. Body Hammer (Colin Richardson Mix) 9. Zero Signal (Colin Richardson Mix) 10. Resurrection (T.L.A. Big Rock Mix) 11. Cars (Numanoid Mix) 12. Dark Bodies (demo) 13. Replica (live) 14. Cyberdyne 15. Refueled 16. Transgenic 17. Manic Cure 18 New Breed (Spoetnik Mix)