Though we have no new word to report on the recording front for Glassjaw, we offer up a couple tidbits you may or may have not been aware of: 1) this past week Glassjaw played their first gig in over 6 months. They played the night before Thanksgiving at the infamous Birch Hill in New Jersey with Thursday, God Forbid, and Diecast. During the show, Glassjaw performed three new tracks - "Cosmopolitan Bloodloss", "Tip Your Bartender" and "Must Have Run All Day". 2) well, part of the above statement was Glassjaw did perform on Halloween night in Brooklyn. BUT, not under the name Glassjaw. For this past Halloween evening they performed under the moniker Stan Levine & His Party Machine, it's true. And yes, word is they were dressed in full bar-mitzvah band threads. 3) for all intents and purposes, the show on the eve of Thanksgiving was the first showing of the band's new bass player, Matt, formerly of the Long Island hardcore act Tripface. what very, very random thought to leave you with is as follows: there is some word going around that Stan Levine & His Party Machine might just be making another appearance, moonlighting as a wedding band...pending on Glassjaw's schedule come July 2002.